Customer Support Engineer

Code Atlantic, LLC, developers of the Popup Maker and Ahoy! plugins for WordPress is hiring a remotely-located, part-time support engineer to provide customer support, maintain our existing products, and design and develop new product features. The position involves 10-20 hours of work per week to start, and reports to the lead product developer.

About Popup Maker and Ahoy!

Popup Maker has a dedicated and enthusiastic user base with 300,000+ installations world-wide. The free and premium versions of Popup Maker allow users to display high value content to web site visitors using targeting conditions and browser event triggers. Ahoy! is a premium popup plugin that delivers automated marketing messages to site visitors.


The ideal candidate for this position will possess the following qualifications:

  1. Good written communication skills using the English language. This should include proficient typing skills.
  2. Thorough and comprehensive knowledge of what our products can and cannot do, and how they work with WordPress and other third-party products (plugins, themes, code libraries).
  3. The ability to quickly determine the type of help being requested, and the information required to assess and resolve the issue. (Users may not provide clear or complete information about their support issue, or fully understand how to setup and use our products.)
  4. Good problem solving ability needed to identify or eliminate possible problem sources when handling support requests.
  5. Interest in helping others to successfully setup and use our plugin products.
  6. Able to get on well with others (users and developer).
  7. Keen interest in understanding our code base to know how and why our products work, and their expected behavior.
  8. Competent knowledge and skill using: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, browser web development tools such as console & inspector (browser agnostic), Git, GitHub, and the IDE of your choice in order to contribute to the maintenance of our existing code base and the development of new product features.


Customer Support

  1. Participate in our support forums and user group to assist users to successfully use our plugin products. Support forums are available through Help Scout, and We maintain a Popup Maker user group on Facebook.
  2. Maintain a friendly, helpful, and respectful manner when responding to support requests.
  3. Ask for additional information from users as needed to fully define the scope of their problem.
  4. Maintain composure when engaging with difficult customers. Involve the lead developer for customer assistance when appropriate.
  5. Respond to initial customer support requests in a timely manner (typically within 24 hours).
  6. Establish and follow a predictable schedule when you are likely to be available for support. Some scheduling flexibility may be required to accommodate users who are many time zones ahead or behind of where you live.
  7. Close support requests efficiently (reduce total response time, limit total number of responses to close out issue).

Develop & Apply Deep Knowledge About Our Products While Assisting Customers

  1. Over time, develop and apply a holistic knowledge about our plugin products when assisting plugin users. Tasks include:
    • respond to pre-sale questions about a client’s specific use case;
    • assist in the selection and setup of our free and premium plugin products;
    • evaluate problems reported with our products, and identify and address the root cause of the reported issue;
    • assist clients in their problem solving to identify and resolve a reported problem;
    • refer users to our plugin documentation to address their support issues;
    • determine when a problem originates from another software product (plugin, theme, or code library) or the use of the WordPress API;
    • provide administrative support for premium license holders (account access, downloads, license renewals and cancellations); and
    • recognize when to escalate an issue to the lead developer for input or resolution.
  2. Test and understand expected plugin behavior using the following resources:
    • maintain a local testing environment installed with our free and premium plugins, and the 3rd-party plugins with which we provide integration support (Ninja Forms, GravityForms, Contact Form 7, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce);
    • browser web development tools;
    • plugin documentation;
    • plugin code base via your chosen IDE;
    • answers to previous support questions in our forums; and
    • communication with the lead developer.


  1. Communicate and coordinate with the lead developer to address product bugs, and design and develop new product features.
  2. Setup and maintain a workflow in your local environment to pull from and push to Popup Maker’s remote GitHub repository.
  3. Request and participate in code reviews of pull requests submitted to the Popup Maker and Ahoy! remote code repositories.

Recommend Documentation Updates

  1. Recommend updates to or reorganization of existing documentation based on new or updated plugin features, user input, or trends observed from support tickets.


  • You will be provided with all of the tools, support, and backing you need to get the job done.
  • We offer very attractive working conditions for the right candidate.
  • Opportunities for travel to attend WordCamps and other industry conferences.


Download the Support Task Sheet*, answer the questions, and then submit your application along with your completed answers. It’s that simple!

* If you don’t include the completed task sheet, we won’t assess your applicationEMPLOYMENT TYPE
Part Time / Remote


Support Task Sheet

10-20 hours per week, days/times flexible

April 16, 2019

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Easy to install and maintain, and when I had some trouble or doubts they answered my questions in less than 24 hours.
I love how much functionality this provides, especially for a free plugin! […] Support is excellent, and if you’re looking for a solid popup solution, I’d highly recommend this plugin.

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